Study Finds 82% Patients Depression-Free After Treated with Unique, Safe “Laser”

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A new study authored by psychiatrist Dr. Theodore Henderson, and published this week in Frontiers in Psychiatry, shows a breakthrough in treating depression, particularly for patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI).


The news wire report circulated on PRNewswire to more than 260 media outlets from around the world, coast-to-coast including several high-traffic news websites such as Markets Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, and Seeking Alpha. The long-version of the story is available at


The observational study, “Multi-Watt Near-Infrared Phototherapy for the Treatment of Comorbid Depression: An Open Label Single-Arm Study,” describes 39 patients who had both  traumatic brain injury (TBI) and depression. After being treated with a revolutionary new treatment developed by Drs. Henderson and Morries, a staggering 82 percent of the patients from the study report being in remission – no longer having the symptoms of depression.


The non-invasive treatment in the study uses a “neuro laser” applied transcranially, and believed to rejuvenate damaged brain cells, improving brain metabolism, while reducing inflammation, oxidative stress and neurodegeneration — without any negative side effects. Co-Founders of Neuro-Laser Foundation, Dr. Henderson and Dr. Morries, have published five additional studies supporting the effectiveness of this treatment, particularly on patients with a traumatic brain injury.


Patients receiving the NILT treatment sit or lay comfortably during a series of 20-35 minute sessions in which the neuro-laser is applied by trained medical professionals. There is no skin irritation, pain, or unpleasant feelings. There are no other side effects, which have always been the downside of antidepressant medication including weight gain, drowsiness, even erectile dysfunction.


Dr. Henderson warns consumers about other “laser” treatments, as typically they feature a “low-level” source which does not have any therapeutic effect. The device used in this study, which is the only one available for clinical use, features a high-powered, and multi-Watt near-infrared light (NILT).


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