Teen Issues

Teen Issues - Denver Child PsychiatristTeens struggle with many issues. Increased school demands, social and drug pressures, friend and family issues, and bullying can all feel overwhelming. At the same time, teens are struggling to find a balance between their desires to conform, but also establish their own independent identity. Sometimes one or more issues can be so severe that it unexpectedly creates a real difficulty for a previously well-functioning teen. For other teens, these pressures can make a previously mild anxiety much more severe. Some teens have had a mild case of ADHD, which only become problematic when the demands on their organizational skills and attention increase during high school. Dr. Henderson uses a combination of computerized testing, family interview, and one-on-one conversation to help the teen understand what they are experiencing and how they can get help to do the best that they possibly can do.

Sometimes, teens have a hard time admitting that something is wrong, even when they have the evidence of their grades or their emotional state. They worry that they are “not normal”. Teens may fear that by asking for help, they will immediately be labeled “weird” or “abnormal”. Because of this, they delay asking for help or try to escape from their problems.

If you are a teen and are struggling, then do not be afraid to ask for help. While you may feel that you are the only one who struggles, it is far from the truth. Teens everywhere wrestle with similar problems in their lives. Dr. Henderson is able to approach the problems you are grappling with from many different angles. You are not alone and it is OK to ask for help. You just need a helping hand at this point in your life and that is perfectly normal.

Do you feel angry a lot of the time?

Are you constantly fighting with your parents even when you know deep down that they are right?

Do you ever feel like hurting yourself?

Do you feel afraid to go to school?

Do homework, parents, friends, and life feel so overwhelming that you feel paralyzed?

This is the time to reach out for help.