Dr. Henderson publishes landmark report on ketamine for depresssion.

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Recently, Dr. Henderson published a scientific paper reporting on the real-world experience for his patients receiving ketamine infusions for the treatment of persistent depression. All of these patients had failed five or more antidepressants before receiving intravenous infusions of ketamine delivered over 40 minutes or more. Dr. Henderson has treated over 320 patients so far, but only 100 had consented to using their data for research study. Among those 100 (roughly half were female and mean age was 41 years), 80% experienced improved mood. Notably, Dr. Henderson’s approach results in prolonged improvement in mood. Read the entire study at Henderson_ketamine_study. Several news stories have been written about this study and Dr. Henderson has been interviewed world-wide about his findings. Here is a recent news article  ketamine in the news.