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About Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD

Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD is residency-trained in General Psychiatry and fellowship trained in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. He also has training in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. His PhD is in Developmental Neurobiology. Dr. Henderson brings a wealth of experience in the psychopharmacology, neurobiology, the biological basis of psychiatric symptoms, and neuroimaging. He specializes in complex psychiatric conditions in adults and all aspects of child psychiatry, including autism spectrum disorders.

Contacting Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD

The best way to reach me is via telephone at 720-493-1101. I do not make use of email as a form of communication.

Driving Instructions

The office is located in a complex of office buildings called Strawberry Hills on the northwest corner of Arapahoe Road and Colorado Blvd. The office is in building #1 on the map in the parking lot, but the building has 3979 on its side in large numbers. If you are using University Blvd, then the office is one mile east of University Blvd. If you are using I-25, then the office is located 3 miles west of the freeway.

It is often difficult to travel on Arapahoe Road, so taking the Dry Creek Road exit and going west from the freeway is often faster. When you reach the intersection of Dry Creek Road and Colorado Blvd., turn right (north) and the next intersection will be Arapahoe Road and Colorado Blvd.