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US Autism & Asperger Association 9th Annual World Conference

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Dr. Theodore Henderson of Neuro-Luminance will be presenting at the United States Autism and Asperger Association (USAAA) meeting this month. The USAAA meeting held in Kansas City, Missouri from September 4-7, 2014 is designed for persons with autism, their families and their clinicians. Dr. Henderson will be speaking on the psychopharmacology of comorbid conditions associated with autism. He will be integrating neuroimaging, sophisticated pharmacology, and a deep understanding of how the brain functions. In addition, he will be featured on professional panels on many aspects of autism. The entire USAAA conference, including Dr. Henderson’s talks will be recorded and available on the USAAA website.

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  • Nicole


    I wish I had known earlier you were coming to Kanas city (where I live), because I could not afford to attend the conference to introduce myself. Being told that I as a 32 year old woman now being on the spectrum, all of my hard work over the past 6 years to enter medical school (specifically neurology or neurological research) is now pointless, I was absolutely devastated. The one thing I want to do, I can no longer do nor strive for, because I got a score on a test. My husband was just as upset as I was because of the depression spiral I entered into.

    But, as I watched your panel on Ustream, I had hope. Medical school may no longer be available to me, but I can be an advocate. I can teach myself neurology outside of my daily work, like I have so many other topics because college courses can’t keep up with me when I hyper focus. I may not be able to use it in my every day life or my daily job (which is distressing and exhausting in itself), but I can still learn it on my own time and be my own advocate for my own happiness.

    Thank you.


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